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The Trial lyrics


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     The Trial
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        good morning the Worm, your Honour
    the Crown will plainli show
    the prisioner who now stands before you
    was caught red-handed showing feelings
    showing feelings of an almost human nature
    this will not do
    Call the schoolmaster!
    i always said he´d come to no good
    in the end, your Honour
    if they´d let me have my way
    i could have fleyed him to shape
    but my hands were tied
    the bleeding hearts and artists
    let him get away with murder
    let me hammer him today
    toys in the attic, i am crazy
    truly gone fishing
    they must have taken my marbles away
    toys in the attic, he is crazy
    you little shit
    you´re in it now
    i hope they throw away the key
    you should´ve talked to me more often then you did
    but no!
    you had to go your own way
    have you broken any homes up lately?
    just five minutes, Worm, your Honour
    him and me alone
    come to mother, baby
    let me hold you in my arms
    M´Lord i never meant for him to get any troubles
    why´d he ever have to leave me?
    Worm, your Honour, let me take him home
    over the rainbow, i am crazy
    bars in the window
    there must have been a door there in the wall
    for when i came in
    over the rainbow, he is crazy
    the evidence before the court is incontravertible
    there´s no need for the jury to retired
    in all my years of judging i have never heard before
    of someone more deserving of the full penalty of the law
    the way you made them suffer
    your exquisite wife and mother
    fills me with the urge to deficate!
    no, judge, the jury!
    since my friend, you have revealed your deepest fear
    i sentence you to be expose before your peers
    tears down thw wall!!
    teears down the wall!!
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